Definition of Dance Movement Therapy  according to the Polish Dance Movement Psychotherapy Association

“What is Dance Movement Psychotherapy? This method relies on the psychotherapeutic application of movement and dance. The client takes part in a creative process leading towards cognitive, emotional, physical and social integration.  DMT is based on the assumption that the human body contains the entire history of a person, their personality and emotional state and through the body it can be changed or healed. This method is employed successfully both in work with people suffering from various disorders and in developmental work with people who want to grow and express themselves better.”

Agnieszka Lugierska certified dance movement psychotherapist. Board member(2007-2013)of the Polish Dance Movement Psychotherapy Association Completed training program at the Simonton Cancer Center.Completed training in Rational Behavior Therapy - RBT (according to Maxie C., Maultsby, Jr.) Member of the Ethics Committee of the Polish Dance Movement Psychotherapy Association.My work is subject to ongoing supervision. Hobbies: yoga and dance, reading, walking, practice the integral approach to life.

I work using the Dance Movement Therapy method as well as through conversation with adults, children and seniors, individually/in groups, including: people in need of support facing adverse situations (e.g. divorce, loss of a loved one, death),people experiencing anxiety, muscle tension, stress, sleep disorders, addicts and co-dependents, caregivers, people with symptoms of depression, people with symptoms of neurosis, cancer patients, physically or mentally disabled and their caregivers, patients with sclerosis multiplex, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, burnout sufferers, people wishing to further their personal development.

Cooperation information for psychotherapy centres, healthcare institutions, nursing homes, associations and foundations for people facing adversity, ill and physically or mentally disadvantaged. Group therapy or tailor-made workshops can be held NATIONWIDE as well as ABROAD.

Workshops/ training/ educational meetings.

The Your MOVEMENT (Twój RUCH) project is a proposal of workshops /group and individual meetings  for the purposes of generally improving the quality of life, integrating the self (intellect + emotions + body), working towards a balance in the various spheres of life. Within the Your MOVEMENT project, I provide the participants with opportunities  to experience action, instead of talking about experiencing /acting. Working with your own body, movement and dance may be treated as an art of sorts, founded on practicing sensation, confronting yourself through participation in an act of creation. Sample topics:

Getting to know yourself in relation with a group

Grounding, setting boundaries, learning to focus

Integral transformative practice

Improvising movement as a method in creative work

Circle dance and games – workshops for parents and children

Movement – my space

Non-verbal communication and movement metaphor

Consolation and deep relaxation

Movement and my emotions

Movement – change

Movement – self-approval and insight

Realising the potential of the self – get to know your needs

Movement – group integration

Creativity in movement